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One of the most frustrating problems, I’ve dealt with in awhile was fixing an error 39 for a Synaptics touchpad driver.  I had just cloned over Windows Vista from a failing hard drive to a new hard drive.  Fixed the crazy boot issues, blue screens, and starting running updates on the OS.  Everything was working fine, when I left for the night, but when I came in the next day, the touchpad driver was messed up.  In case you haven’t seen it, this is a code 39 for a device driver: 

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

Microsoft support states uninstall and reinstall the driver, and life will be wonderful, but I tried this in seemingly hundreds of combinations..  Searching Google for an answer was mostly a waste of time, since everyone was claiming a driver reinstall worked to random registry hacks.  I tried the most common sense things first, such as uninstalling, reinstalling the driver, trying to let Windows install the driver from Windows Update, and installing the newest version straight from Synaptics.  All of these avenues had no effect at all on the error.  So I went off on a tangent, fixing some corrupted OS files which SFC could not repair, in the hopes maybe it was something with these files — after getting all the files repaired, the driver still would not install, but the system was overall much more responsive.  As a last desperate act, before refunding the perso’sn money, I used the new devcon from the Windows Driver kit to uninstall the driver — devcon remove ACPISYN013B followed by devcon rescan.  These two commands caused the touchpad to show up as an unknown device.  Next I used the Update Driver option from the context sensitive menu in the Device Manager, to manually install a generic PS/2 device. Then,  I uninstalled the PS/2 device rebooted, and installed the drivers from Synaptics.  After the Synaptics installer finished rebooting, the touchpad worked again.  It even worked after several reboots.  

Thankfully, I had to handle one more problem with the computer of fixing iTunes and the missing CD drive.  Updating the Gears driver for iTunes fixed both at the same time.  So experience proved helpful in part of the random chase for driver repairs.