Just a little infomation about the error Symbolic_initialization_failed 0x00000064 BSoD.  We had a customer bring in their computer, which from what I could tell had Vista and XP in a dual boot configuration.  The PC would immediately throw 0x00000064 when booting to pretty much anything except Windows PE or RE, which threw a crypto BSoD.  

I tried everything I could think of to fix it, and we tested most of the major hardware straight away.  Near the end, and out of desperation, we ran a motherboard/processor test, which immediately failed on processor core two.  Just goes to show, you never really know where the problem might stem from.

I’m posting this, in case, someone else runs in the problem and searches for an answer.  During our research, we found no usable information about this stop code other than it occurs early in the boot process and is often hardware, or driver related.