I had a customer come in twice for problems with Cubis Gold 2 from Yahoo Games.  The first problem was the game had no sound; this was resolved with a uninstall and reinstall, since the customer had messed around with compability mode in Windows 7, screwing things up.  After the reinstall, everything worked fine. Unfortunately, she came back in the next day saying the game would go to a white screen with the words “Loading. . . ” on it and nothing else.  When it got to me, it was a brown screen with “Loading . . . ”   

I ended up checking the firewall, disabling the AV temporarly, and doing a uninstall/reinstall, which did not have a single effect.  I tried launching the games straight from the program directoy – no effect; however, I did notice the shortcut was calling a launch.exe, and there was a execuable for cubis in the same directory.  The cubis binary worked perfectly – sound and no brown loading screen.  So if you are having problems with this game, I highly recommend making a shortcut directly to the game binary and not using the launcher.