We had this customer come in this week who was having problems with his Office 2010.  The problem was the Insert Page number galleries would not show up, like in the picture.


It turns out this is caused by the “Built-In Building Blocks.dotx” file being hidden.  After unhiding this file, the galleries will reappear like magic. 

Make sure Word is closed, then from a command prompt:

attrib -h "%userprofile%appdataRoamingMicrosoftDocument Building Blocks103314Built-In Building Blocks.dotx"

Or it can be unhidden from Windows Explorer:

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Open the Windows Explorer Folder Options (under Tools)
  • Select “View” tab
  • Select “Show hidden files, folders, drives” radial button
  • Click ok
  • Navigate to AppdataRoamingMicrosoftDocument Building Blocks103314
  • Right Click on “Built-In Building Blocks.dotx”
  • Uncheck “Hidden” check box.
  • Click Ok.
  • Go back through Folder Options and rehide files.
  • Done.

I would, also, unhide “Building Blocks.dotx” in the process, if it exists.

Seriously, make sure Word 2010 is closed or changing the hidden attribute will have no effect. 

Final results should look like this picture. 



Sorry for the crappy screenshots, I didn’t remember to close out the movie I was watching.